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SoundDew Bluetooth speaker

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SoundDew Bluetooth speaker

Review of the SoundDew Water Resistant Bluetooth speaker

The SoundDew is a Bluetooth speaker you can use practically anywhere. It has an IPX4 water resistance rating, which means it is safe to use in the rain, or even in the shower. You can connect it to Bluetooth-enabled phones, tablets, laptops, or other smart devices. The SoundDew has a 3-watt full-range speaker and a built-in microphone. It also features noise- and echo-cancelling capabilities. To smartphones it can stream music wirelessly, amplify the phone's music, or let you answer or reject calls.

Design and features

The SoundDew is an attractive, small speaker (about 3 inches in diameter), colorful and round, made of silicon rubber. It is comfortable in hand and feels like it could withstand rough handling. Its rubberized outer shell has tiny holes for the sound. It has a loop on top that is perfect for hanging, convenient to help you enjoy your music in different places.

The USB and AUX (3.5mm) ports are located on one side of SoundDew, and the volume up/previous, volume down/next, and play/pause/Bluetooth matching buttons are on one side. The other side of the SoundDew has the speaker holes. The SoundDew gives you 15 levels of volume adjustment.

SoundDew Bluetooth speaker You can charge the SoundDew with a USB charging cable, which comes bundled with it. When fully charged, the SoundDew's battery is advertised to provide 10 hours of talk time, or eight hours of music, or 100 hours of standby time. The SoundDew has a Bluetooth range of 10 meters. Because it is water resistant, you can, for example, take it into the shower with you and leave your phone safe and dry on your bedside table. That way, you can listen to music or answer a phone call without worrying about damaging your phone.


We tested the SoundDew with an iPhone 5, an iPad 4, a Samsung Galaxy S3, and an HTC One. In each case, pairing was very easy; the speaker appeared automatically on the list of Bluetooth Devices on our phones and tablet. Once paired, we could stream music seamlessly. The music quality was amazing given the size of the speaker. We did not face any of the lagging, audio distortion, or other problems common to Bluetooth speakers. Answering and rejecting phone calls and using the call back feature requires just a single press of button. When a call comes in during music streaming, the SoundDew automatically pauses your music to receive the call; once the call ends, it resumes playing your music. The SoundDew delivers clear, loud in-call voice on both ends of the line. The echo- and noise-cancelling feature worked well even when we took the SoundDew into the shower.

SoundDew Bluetooth speaker

We splashed some water on to the SoundDew to test its water resistance. Water got into the SoundDew through the tiny openings of its rubbery outer shell. After about five minutes of continuous water splashes, the SoundDew's audio started to distort due to the accumulated water, but shaking the water out took care of the problem. Any regular speaker would be useless after taking on so much water, but the water did not cause any damage to the SoundDew. This speaker definitely lives up to its IPX4 Splash resistant rating.

Although it is water- and dust-proof, if you are planning to take it to the beach, be careful not to get sand into the SoundDew's holes, as it is very hard to get sand and other debris out of it, and these may cause audio distortion if the sand stays in there.

During our tests, we streamed music for six hours, and received and made several calls. The battery still provided power after all this, but we could not tell how much was remaining because the SoundDew does not have any battery life or charging indicator. This is a minor nitpick, and the SoundDew performed flawlessly during all our tests. HomeGear gives it its highest rating, 4 Lights On: Excellent and Highly Recommended.

SoundDew Bluetooth speaker


* Full range speaker: 1x 3W IP54 driver
* Audio frequency: 20Hz-20KHz
* Built-in microphone
* Noise and echo cancellation DSP
* Music playing time: 8 hours (approx.)
* Talktime: 10 hours (approx.)
* Standby time: 100 hours (approx.)
* Splash proof and dust protected
* Dimensions: 4.29 (L) x 3.44 (W) x 1.47 (H) in inches.
* Weight: 127 grams.
* Bluetooth wireless connection.
* 3.5mm audio port.
* Micro-USB for charging.

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