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Nixeus Moda MK-BN14

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Nixeus Moda MK-BN14 Keyboard

Review of the Nixeus Moda MK-BN14 Keyboard

The Nixeus Moda MK-BN14 is a mechanical keyboard with USB connectivity. It features Kaith Brown switches, a reinforced chassis with a steel plate below the switches, and a shorter actuation distance with a soft tactile bump. Like all mechanical keyboards, it also has individual circuitry for each switch, which helps in reducing response time to approximately 1 millisecond, and it features 6- key rollover with anti-ghosting. It also promises 50 million keystrokes for each key (10 times more longevity than regular keyboards). It comes with a 3-year warranty.

What's in the box?

The box contains the MK-BN14 Nixeus Moda Keyboard, eight additional blue key caps, a key cap hold tool for removing key caps, a warranty card, and a user guide.

Nixeus Moda MK-BN14 Keyboard

Design and features

The keyboard is compactly designed and solidly built, with dimensions of approximately 16x8x2 inches. It has a standard QWERTY layout with three dedicated media buttons next to F12 key on the top row, followed by Home Page and Email buttons. On its back, it has two retractable angled feet in case you need it slightly sloped toward you. It also has four rubberized feet so to keep it firmly in place. The back surface has a textured finish.

The Nixeus Moda MK-BN14 looks and feels durable and, with a weight of two pounds, it is a little heavier than regular keyboards. Still, it is easy to carry around due to its compact design. It also takes up less space on your desktop; you can use both the mouse and the keyboard in the same space required for a full size keyboard with numpad. Despite its compact design, it has two Alt and two Ctrl keys on both sides of the space bar, making it compatible with all games that come with pre-configured key controls. The key caps are well-built, and there is standard spacing between the keys.

Nixeus Moda MK-BN14 Keyboard
The additional eight key caps are blue in color. They are provided for gamers. Unfortunately, the letters engraved on these additional key caps are hard to read.

The Nixeus Moda MK-BN14 is a USB keyboard, and the USB cable is fixed to the keyboard. The cable is six feet long. The cable's connection to the keyboard is solid, but you may feel uneasy about maintaining the integrity of the cable over many years when packing and unpacking, and when packed in a backpack a couple hundred times. We prefer a detachable USB cable for compact keyboards. Another certainly minor issue for a gaming keyboard is that this keyboard does not have light indicators for Caps Lock and Scroll Lock. It is impossible to know if the Caps Lock is on unless you type a letter and see it on the screen. But again, we don't expect that you'll be using this to type your term paper.

Nixeus Moda MK-BN14 Keyboard


The Nixeus Moda MK-BN14 worked flawlessly out of the box. Typing with it was fun. We did not have to depress the keys all the way down in order for them to work. With a slight tap, we could feel the soft tactile bump that assured us of a valid key press. The keys were at perfect distance from each other, allowing us to type without any difficulties.

We tested this keyboard with a variety of different PC games, including NFS Rivals, Dirt 3, Darksiders II, Crysis 3, and DotA 2. When playing these games, we needed to press multiple keys simultaneously, and there was no ghost effect or lag in keyboard response time. The Nixeus Moda MK-BN14 performed much better than any regular keyboards we have encountered. However, the keystrokes made a louder noise than some of the regular mechanical keyboards we had at hand. The noise was not really annoying, but it would be better if it were not so loud.


The Nixeus Moda MK-BN14 Keyboard is a USB keyboard for hardcore gaming and typing. It is available at a much lower price than other mechanical keyboards made for gaming. We find the keyboard to be very effective for gaming and typing, as well as being durable and likely to last for a considerable period of time. HomeGear Lab gives the Nixeus Moda MK-BN14 its highest rating: 4 Lights On: Excellent and Highly Recommended.


Key Actuation Force: 45g
Key Actuation Distance: 2.0 +/- 0.4 mm
50 Million Keystroke Life Span per Switch
1000Hz Poll Rate ~ 1ms Response Time
6 Key Roll-over and Anti-Ghosting
Keyboard Size: 15.75" (width) x 8.07" (height) x 1.97" (depth)
Keyboard Weight: 2 lbs.
Connection Type: USB

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