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Freevolve housEvolve

All peripherals are programmed and controlled at the central Main Controller. The currently available peripheral modules consist of a Thermostat (HVAC controller), a Water Presence Detector, and a Garage Door Controller. These peripherals allow the user to control the house’s HVAC system, a bank of water sensors and/or water control valves, and the garage door(s).

The HVAC system control is similar to current digital thermostats in form and function, except that it is integrated with the controller. Daily and weekly set point parameters control the house’s climate variation. The Water Presence Detector module employs a bank of moisture sensors to measure for the presence of water in unintended areas. For example, sensors can be positioned in the vicinity of a hot water heater to alert the owner during a water flood situation, such as when the hot water heater leaks. Optional control of two on/off valves for supply lines can be used to avoid significant flooding should tank failure occur while the house is unoccupied. This is a nice feature, since water damage from a hot water tank failure can be a somewhat serious (and expensive) event.

Freevolve housEvolve Water Presence Detector With Optional Valve Shut-off
The housEvolve Water Presence Detector will alert you when the water is running out of control.
Yet, really you will be in control with the optional valve shut off feature.

The Garage Door Controller operates in parallel with the house’s existing garage door controller. The installation of this module is in addition to the existing opener, not as a replacement. In essence, this module makes the existing opener “smart” by providing remote control and status reporting capabilities.

Once installed, housEvolve provides the owner with a reliable and secure way to observe the house’s status on demand. Nice; no more lost sleep worrying about frozen pipes. Owners of multiple properties, some of which may be unoccupied for extended periods of time, should find the housEvolve system to be a cost effective and essential component in the house’s utility system. Furthermore, single homeowners should find some of the features, such as the water leak alert, quite valuable.

Room For Improvement

Being a new product concept, housEvolve offers opportunities for improvement and/or enhancement.

The use of a voicemail style interface for remote operation is functional, but could be enhanced by offering control applications to run on Smartphones or on a PC. For example, an iPhone app could show a representation of the Main Controller front panel. That would be a more intuitive remote interface than the voicemail system. Similar interfaces on the PC could offer more sophisticated reporting and status analysis capabilities.

Freevolve housEvolve Garage Door Controller
If you forget to close your garage door, the housEvolve system lets you close or open it from any phone.


When first reviewing the housEvolve system, we were concerned that since it may allow access to the house via the Garage Door Controller and provide the potential for hack access. We were concerned that the lack of an option to lock out all but "trusted" phone numbers would allow hacking with an unfriendly incoming call.

Anderson Micu, CEO of Freevolve LLC responded to this concern in a statement.

"We went to great lengths to protect the security of our customers and believe the system offer the highest level of protection against unauthorized access, even compared to Internet-based technologies.

"First, access from un-trusted numbers is essential in ensuring the maximum homeowner flexibility in accessing their home's environment at any time. As a matter of fact, it is the only reason a remote access pass code is even necessary.

"Second, incorrect password entry attempts result in a communication session reset, causing the system to hang up. This feature, in combination with the voice interface used for remote interaction, makes our system immune from automated password capture attempts - not to mention the time constraints and costs placed on the would-be hackers if they attempted to do it in person. Each re-dial involves new connection charges at the originating party, while in-coming calls do not incur charges on a land line. Another issue is that of visibility. A comprehensive hacker attack through an Internet connection, for instance, is virtually undetectable by ordinary users. The same cannot be said for a phone line, tied-up for extended periods.

"Third, the length of the password field places the homeowner in the position to balance security concerns with ease of use in such ways as to best match their individual requirements.

"Since housEvolve only remains connected to the outside world for the duration of a communications session, it is far safer than other technologies. High-speed, broadband Internet connections are far more vulnerable to attack, both because an always-on connection allows automated password capture attempts and because system complexity opens security vulnerabilities at numerous software layers."


FREEVOLVE seems to have created one of those products that we always needed, but just never recognized. The use of housEvolve for the control and monitoring of remote properties should be considered by owners of multiple properties. Beyond this intended market, this central system may be attractive also to owners of single residences purely for the centralized monitoring and control capabilities that it offers.


The warranty support is handled through their distributor, http://www.diycontrols.com.  All FREEVOLVE products are covered against manufacturing defects for a period of two years from the date of purchase.


FREEVOLVE LLC is an American company. “FREEVOLVE LLC is a designer and manufacturer of a new generation of electronic home monitoring systems, improving the way technology is used to protect your home or business. FREEVOLVE was established to offer a home monitoring system that actually allows you to manage your home remotely.” (FREEVOLVE, 2009; http://www.freevolve.com/who-we-are.html)

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